Sex: Conversation with Leah Carey


Sex — Welcome to a Wild and Precious conversation with Leah Carey of Good Girls Talk About Sex podcast.

Our conversation began by acknowledging that “the world is on fire”. From there, we dove head first into talking about sex.

I’m taking a bit of a departure today for my show notes, because I really like Leah’s bio and want to use it to introduce what we talked about and why I think Leah was the perfect choice as a guest for this subject:

Leah Carey is a sex and intimacy coach who works with women who are ready to move beyond laying back and accepting whatever their partner wants to do to them, and want to start becoming equal co-creators of their sexual experience.

This work was not an obvious life choice for Leah. Growing up with an abusive father, she learned to be a VERY “good girl.” But she never learned about building a loving, trusting relationship.

She got involved in a series of emotionally abusive relationships, always convinced that SHE was the problem – not pretty enough, smart enough, or sexually skilled enough. Even worse: she wasn’t having pleasure during sex, so she was convinced she was broken.

At age 42, life threw Leah an opportunity to build a new story: with both parents gone and no siblings, she no longer needed to uphold the family mythology of the “good girl.”

Over the course of a year, she challenged her old beliefs about worthiness, attractiveness, and desirability. Watching her phenomenal growth, people started seeking her out to help them do the same.

Today, Leah works with women like you to reflect your true sexual nature back to you, without all the judgment, shame, and fear that can get in the way of you seeing it for yourself.

She will give you permission to embrace the sexuality that is innately yours, no matter what it looks like. In working with her, you will have the opportunity to sink so deeply into your true sexuality that the person who used to be scared of what she wanted - and terrified to speak it out loud - feels like a mirage from another lifetime.

She is the host of the podcast “Good Girls Talk About Sex,” where she interviews women about their personal sexual histories.

What we talked about:

  • First, A rather long (7 ish minute) preamble where we talk about what is going on in the world. We each share a pretty vulnerable story about what we have learned recently about our friends who are Black/Brown or African American.

  • Second, We dive into sex.

  • Third, We discuss the importance of relationship, of being vulnerable, of working through the difficult moments to get to the good stuff and how everyone is better off when we can take the time to have a healthy sexual realtionship.

  • Fourth, We get into some very frank talk about what that means — including, and please see the show notes, a great resource for how to talk about your STARS.


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