Deirdre McLaughlin Talks About Compassion and Dignity for MAP — Minor Attracted PersonsListen now (63 min) | This episode is about dignity.
Wendy Talks About BenevolenceListen now (18 min) | ...and feels a little weird about the titles of these essays. Does she know she's writing in the third person?
Wendy Talks About UbuntuListen now (18 min) | ...and loving people, staying connected, and listening.
Lisa Richardson Talks About Movement Listen now (50 min) | — and gardening and compost and dancing and ...
Wendy Talks About Becoming RealListen now (20 min) | Wendy here: This is kind of scary to be honest. Welcome. To another episode of wild and precious conversations. An edited…
Jean Russell Talks About ThrivabilityListen now (40 min) | ...and the book "The Dawn of Everything"
Erica Scott Talks About ConsentListen now (59 min) | ...her new book with Marcia Baczynski launches tomorrow, January 21, 2022.
Effortless InterludeListen now (20 min) | Wendy discusses the idea of effortless and how it fits into resistance and laziness
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