Jan 20 • 59M

Erica Scott Talks About Consent

...her new book with Marcia Baczynski launches tomorrow, January 21, 2022.

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Welcome to a world of collaboration, consent, intimacy and deep rich relationships based on trust!

Erica Scott is a consent educator working hard to make consent culture a reality. I feel honored to share our converstaion with you. The book launch begins January 21, 2022, so I am going to make our show notes short this week, in order to get this episode out in time.

We discuss the collaboration in consent, the reason a “gatekeeper” relationship limits us, the possibilities that unfold when relationships are interwoven with collaboration and consent.

At the 42:00 mark, Erica gives a gorgeous explanation of the freeze response — there’s a hint of a trigger warning here, but the gist is a wonderfully positive description of what the freeze response looks and feels like — a rare gift.

Thanks, and take care of yourself and at least one other person this week! <= I heard that in another podcsast…maybe Mike Birbiglia’s Working It Out?


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