Movement: Conversation with Lisa Richardson


Welcome to another episode of Wild and Precious Conversations. This week, I speak with Lisa Richardson, writer.

This week I had a chance to speak for the first time with Lisa Richardson, a writer based in Pemberton, British Columbia. Lisa’s writing moves me.

It would be wonderful if there were so much strategic planning around this project that I could honestly say that is why I asked her to talk about movement.

Alas, no. Movement was our loose theme but perhaps more correctly, we spoke of growth through the metaphor of gardening.

And the movement of becoming unstuck, lifting eachother up, turning toward light, dancing our messages — I encourage you to listen for the gems Lisa scatters throughout the entire conversation. I felt it was an honour to converse with her and I am excited to share our conversation with you.

One simple takeaway: Gardening is a terrible metaphor for parenting.


  • Wellness Almanac — A community almanac from Pemberton, Lil'wat, Area C and N'Quatqua.

  • Lisa Richardson, Bylines — Lisa’s writing portfolio - “Mountain Culture from Everywhere but the Sidelines”

Onward. Excited to begin more conversations again. Next week, we introduce the first in a series of what I am calling “shadow” conversations with Deirdre McClaughlin. In this series, we tackle themes that no one wants to hear about in a way that you will want to listen to... .

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