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Creative Process: Conversation with Jackie Tahara

Creative Process: Conversation with Jackie Tahara

Welcome to another episode of Wild and Precious Conversations. This week, I speak with Jackie Tahara, licensed surface pattern designer, illustrator, and artist.

This week feels really special because wild and precious conversations is again a real conversation! When I met Jackie Tahara years ago, she was a lawyer. Fast forward many years and she makes her living through her art as a licensed surface pattern designer (notice the patterns in her image, above!)

I really wanted to listen to her talk about getting there, getting to a place where art was a permanent fixture in her life.

And, continuing with my theme of (not) magic, I do happen to know that Jackie’s background is heavily laden with art: art degree, textile diploma, and more. I didn’t know, but am not surprised, that a lovely, wonderful high school art teacher had a part to play (so important — we need more amazing art teachers!)

But what is the path to carving out creativity in your everyday life?

Well, you have to listen to find out! But we go there. And, yup, it’s not magic.


Onward. Excited to begin more conversations again. Next week, a conversation with Lisa Richardson.

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And please, if you know anyone who might like to share this journey, share this project. Excited to stay in the arena with you.

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