The Underbelly: A Series of Wild + Precious Offerings

My Substack hosts the Wild + Precious Conversations podcast — a part of Underbelly Project.

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Wild + Precious Podcast

Thursday morning, Wild + Precious Conversations is me (Wendy) and my guest talking about themes related to how we can live more fully in this world — not richer, hipper, more productive or more beautiful — but more real. Velveteen Rabbit style real. If you’re looking for more of this kind of real, you’ve found your place.

Encouragement from people who are doing their best to live full, emotionally healthy lives. Experts — but perhaps more aptly, people in the trenches of life. They’ll offer you a hand up. Grab it, and join us in this wild and precious life.

And this uplifting, encouraging, inspiring podcast is just the start.

Underbelly (10 Things) newsletter is a series of 10 Wild + Precious Things every Monday morning in your inbox.

It’s concise: a short introduction to the week’s theme, followed by quotes that led me to reflection, a prompt, a quest, a level-up quest. Next come three resources if you want to go deeper: a video, podcast episode, poem, article — things that helped me (and may help you) reflect more on the theme. Finally, I offer a “hero” — someone out there in the world who inspires for their realness. Their (often small but persistent) efforts to inject more good into this world. #10 is an offer to connect.

We know something’s amiss: that nagging feeling that life shouldn’t be such a rush all the time, that there’s a disconnect between how we know we’re supposed to feel and how we really feel.

We can’t just throw a bath bomb at this and hope it all comes out smelling like lavender and roses.

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